Rice is a unique
crop that requires
both a long lasting
experience and a
crucial expertise,
two features that almo
has been developing
since 1930.

Almo has been pioneering the rice seed sector using the most up-to-date breeding techniques in order to supply farmers seed of the best quality.

Almo varieties are all patented and registered in the national registry.

Almo has based
its growth on research,
investing in people and
equipment for years: one t
hird of our staff is now
involved in the genetic
improvement of rice,
achieving outstanding

Almo’s varietal experimentation is based on an extensive program of plant breeding (simple, multiple crossing, and backcrossing), which is followed by a long and crucial phase of careful selection. All of our cultivars undergo agronomic evaluation through precise statistical analyses, thereby ensuring reliable products that meet the needs of farmers and rice farms.

Almo rice varieties are modern and innovative, characterized by some common features that make them successful:


• early maturing and high yielding to gain maximum value;
• small size and resistance to the most common pathogens to reduce the cost of cultivation and the risk of contamination.


Almo gene products are valued and welcomed in all Mediterranean areas and have helped improving the profitability of rice farmers everywhere in Italy and all over europe.

certified seeds

The choice of the right type of seed determines whether a crop will be successful or not. Certified seed is a quality seed that facilitates rice cultivation from the early stages of growth, easing all farming procedures, including the fight against red rice. Only starting from a genetically pure and perfectly controlled seed one can rest assured of growing a quality, healthy, and high – yielding product.


Our research and the constant improvement of our varieties have led to remarkable results. Counterfeit or duplicated seed is not subject to official controls and therefore does not provide any guarantee, it’s harmful to agriculture and can hold back research.


Support our research, use only certified seed! Certified seed: Quality, Savings, and Safety.





Lumivia – active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) chlorantraniliprole: insecticide specific for rice seed coating against rice water weevil larvae (i.e. lissorhoptrus oryzophilus) and chironomids (e.g. Chironomus cavazzai, Cricotopus spp., and Orthocladius spp.)




Celest – API fludioxonil: fungicide for seed treatment active against different pathogens belonging to the genus Fusarium spp.


Mouillant: seed treatment that allows a much simpler sowing process since it does not require a seed soaking step. During traditional flooded patty sowing Mouillant-treated seeds sink regularly. In dry patty sowing this tanning technique prevents the seeds from moving upon flooding.



In the early 90s, ALMO decided to start investing heavily in genetic research.

This choice marked the beginning of ALMO’s rice varietal selection program.

Ever since, ALMO has played a primary role in improving rice breeding and cultivation techniques in Italy and the rest of Europe through the establishment of the first rice varieties characterized by short stature, fast crop cycling, and high yield.

Thanks to its relentless willingness and constant desire to improve itself and, consequently, the whole rice sector

ALMO has succeeded in selecting varieties able to meet any market requirements, whether it be long B, round, medium, or aromatic rice, and ​​long A rice sold on the domestic market.

An important part of the varietal improvement process has been dedicated to the selection of genotypes with special characteristics (e.g. aromatic and colored pericarp genotypes, and so on).

Many of ALMO’s excellent results have also been achieved thanks to the scientific collaboration with the Istituto di Genetica Agraria of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza.

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