long A


long A for parboiled


Type: long A
Cycle: early (132 days)
Production: high
Milling rate: very high
Amylose: 26%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: short
Bending: very resistant
Pyricularia: resistant
Helmintosporium: moderately resistant
Spot: resistant


Sowing time: until May 15 - 20


Aiace, number 1 parboiled rice variety, has agronomic characteristics very similar to Gladio:

• early maturing cycle, able to adapt to different growing conditions, ensuring high productivity and low drying costs;

• healthy green plant until it ripens, resistant to all major rice-seedling pathogens and diseases;

• short stem makes it resistant to bending;

• variety with crystalline grain, flawless, with high yield after industrial processing.