the medium almo with crystalline grain


Type: medium
Cycle: early 135 days
Production: high
Milling rate: very high
Amylose: 18%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: medium - short
Bending: resistant
Pyricularia: moderately resistant
Helmintosporium: resistant
Spot: tolerant


Sowing time: until May 15


Crono has always proven to be resilient, even in unfavourable weather conditions, and has become a winner.

Its main characteristics are:
• High productivity combined with an early maturing cycle
• Good tillering capacity and resistance tobending
• Resistance to all major rice-seedling pathogens (Pyricularia and Helmintosporium)

Crono has a very high milling yield that can meet the needs of rice farms. In areas particularly at risk, treatment with at least one fungicide is recommended, without adding too much nitrogen fertiliser.