the earliest


Type: medium
Cycle: very early (112 - 115 days)
Production: very good relatively to its cycle
Milling rate: high
Amylose: 19%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: medium
Bending: moderately resistant
Pyricularia: moderately resistant
Helmintosporium: moderately resistant
Spot: moderately resistant


Sowing time: until May 25 -30


The very early maturing cycle of Tea (< 8-10 days less than Loto) allows maximum late sowing which is the best way to reduce red rice contamination, resulting in greater freedom of action and better production.

Tea is suitable for difficult growing conditions such as re-sowing in periods when it would be risky for other varieties, and organic farming with stale seedbeds.

In the event of very late sowing, it is recommended to adjust the amount of seeds to make up for normal tillering deficiencies.Treat the crop with a fungicide in case of very late sowing.