long B


new – generation Long B


Type: long B
Cycle: early (132 days)
Production: high
Milling rate: high
Amylose: high
Pearled grain: Absent
Stem length: medium - short
Bending: very resistant
Pyricularia: tollerant
Helmintosporium: tollerant
Spot: tolerant


Sowing time: until May 15


Corimbo is the new almo’s variety with a Long and crystalline grain. Thanks to its strong stem, Corimbo is very resistant to bending.

Its production is very high and its yield to the industrial processing is excellent. It adapts to all growing environments very well and to underground sowing. Corimbo has a good tollerance to major rice's diseases (Pyricularia and Helmintosporium).

This variety has a short cycle and is reccomended to sow Corimbo within to 15th May in water and within 5th May for underground sowing.