modern aromatic


Type: long B aromatic
Cycle: early (135 days)
Production: high
Milling rate: high
Amylose: 15%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: short
Bending: very resistant
Pyricularia: resistant
Helmintosporium: resistant
Spot: tolerant
Aroma: strong


Sowing time: until May 15


The group of aromatic rice has been enriched thanks to Elettra, the modern aromatic rice variety.

Elettra has immediately shown excellent characteristics in the class of aromatic rice.

Its low stem offers high resistance to bending, and its exceptional productivity, unique among the aromatic rice varieties, is much appreciated by the industry.

The yield after industrial processing is also excellent and meets the needs of rice mills, exceeding their expectations.

The amazing production combined with good resistance to major diseases, brings a breath of modernity to the class of aromatic rice.