long A domestic


the new long A domestic


Type: long A (domestic consumption)
Cycle: early (135 days)
Production: high
Milling rate: high considering its characteristics
Amylose: 12%
Pearled grain: lateral - small
Stem length: short
Bending: very resistant
Pyricularia: resistant
Helmintosporium: resistant
Spot: tolerant


Sowing time: from April 25 to May 15


FEDRA is a very important innovation in domestic varieties. ALMO’s continuing passion and great experience in the field of genetics has led to the creation of the variety with Roma grain.

This variety is characterised by a short stem, early maturing cycle, high productivity and good adaptability to underground sowing which makes it stand out from other domestic varieties. The excellent agronomic characteristics and pearly kernel with low amylose content has made FEDRA a hit with farmers and rice growers, exceeding their expectations.

In particular weather conditions and in “at risk” soil, it is a good idea to protect the varieties with a fungicide treatment. To obtain an excellent yield, do not allow plants to over mature before harvesting (not less than 24%).