long A domestic


the early for risotto


Type: long A (domestic consumption)
Cycle: early (135 days)
Production: very high considering its characteristics
Milling rate: medium - high
Amylose: 24%
Pearled grain: extended mid - lateral
Stem length: medium (30cm shorter than Carnaroli)
Bending: moderately resistant
Pyricularia: moderately susceptible
Helmintosporium: moderately resistant
Spot: moderately resistant


Sowing time: from April 25 to May 20


Domestic variety with a kernel that has high amylose content, comparable to Carnaroli.

Poseidone matures much earlier than traditional domestic varieties, and behaves very well in late-sowing conditions.

Poseidone has always maintained a high production yield without compromising the quality of the product.

Its stem is much smaller than that of Arborio and Carnaroli which reduces the risk of bending, and facilitates cultivation.Fungicide treatments are recommended.