early aromatic


Type: long B aromatic
Cycle: early (130 days)
Production: good
Milling rate: high
Amylose: 18%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: medium - short
Bending: resistant
Pyricularia: moderately susceptible
Helmintosporium: susceptible
Spot: moderately susceptible
Aroma: strong


Sowing time: until May 18 - 20


Giano, the early maturing aromatic rice, combines quality with an early maturing cycle, characteristics requested by rice farmers and rice mills.

Its early maturing cycle allows Giano to adapt perfectly to late - sowing conditions in order to combat red rice contamination.

Do not use too much nitrogen fertilizers in soil that is more fertile and treat the crop with fungicide at least once. Excessive leaf growth could increase susceptibility to Pyricularia, thus limiting the production potential.

To preserve the intense aroma of Giano, dry the product at low temperatures.