The very early aromatic


Type: long B aromatic
Cycle: early (120 days)
Production: good relatively to its cycle
Milling rate: high
Amylose: 12%
Pearled grain: absent
Stem length: short
Bending: very resistant
Pyricularia: tolerant
Helmintosporium: tolerant
Spot: tolerant
Aroma: strong


Sowing time: until May 25


The continued focus on niche products has allowed Febo to attain a position of honour in the class of aromatics: its high yield, crystalline grain and high production, combined with its remarkable aroma are much appreciated by rice growers and mills.

The early cycle of Febo allows obtaining excellent results in the control of red rice with “stale seedbed” systems.

In particular weather conditions, it is recommended to protect the variety with at least one fungicide treatment. Febo is an alternative in the class of very early maturing crops.